After developing their style in New Orleans 27 Lights has returned the Mid-AtlanticĀ and are performing with the rapper e-dubble. The band consists of three core members: Robert Payne, drums; William Fletcher, guitar and piano; and Vincent Winik, bass. Together, they write and arrange material that features various artists and instrumentalists.

Vince and Bob founded 27 Lights in 2005 in rural Central Pennsylvania. Bill joined the band two years later, and as a trio they developed the band’s original psychedelic reggae sound. In 2008, the band moved to New Orleans, where a diverse set of rap, jazz, and other styles profoundly influenced their music, and a rich cast of instrumentalists and vocalists joined the collaboration.

During their time down south, they performed with many different line-ups. 27 Lights worked with a few different vocalists, rappers, horn players, and keyboardists, and experimented with various musical styles. It was an incredibly fertile period for the band, resulting in the production of Soul Trance, a record featuring the vocalists and instrumentalists they met in New Orleans. At that point they decided to relocate to Baltimore where they met, rapper, e-dubble.

Recently they released Surrounded By Giants with e-dubble which charted 14th on iTunes. They’re now currently working on a new record and performing with e-dubble.

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